School Transport

shihabOur School Transportation Department makes available school bus service for a good number of students and it is in conformance with pupil transportation policies and procedures established by the MGS. The school system operates many buses serving more than 20 routes.  When you consider that each school bus takes about 30 cars off the road, the effect they have on congestion becomes very clear.

Time and Organization : A school bus can make parents of younger students more time-efficient and organized as a family. Giving your children a deadline to get ready in the morning (or else they will miss the bus) will teach them organization, responsibility and time management. It can help you avoid pressing the snooze button too, as you now know your children are depending upon a strict time schedule maintained by the school as opposed to your own personal sport-utility-vehicle shuttle service once you’re all finally out of the house.


Safety: Taking a bus short distance can be safer for many students. Teen drivers always face the risk of inexperience on the road, while students who walk or bike to school are susceptible to being struck by a car or injuring themselves in some other way. This is also true for skateboards, scooters and shoes with wheels. Sending your child on a bus means she will only have to walk a short distance before boarding, and then will come home in the same fashion — bringing further safety to the child and peace of mind to you.