Co-Scholastic Activities

CO-SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES: The co-curricular activities are designed to stimulate the interests of students in hobbies and provide opportunity for the development of inherent potentials. The school gives equal importance to cco scholastic activities. Some of the activities, conducted in the school are given below.

House system: The students have been divided into four houses for the purpose of providing good citizenship training to them. The four houses are named as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz (i.e. Green, Red, Blue and Yellow). Each house has a house master/house mistress, house captain and vice-captain. All competitions are conducted on an inter house basis. Every child is given an opportunity to bring out the best in him/ her.

School Magazines: School publishes a printed capsule magazine – ‘ MIST’  every month and a yearly School Magazine. Students are encouraged to contribute stories, articles, drawings, poems etc. for the magazines.

Physical and Health Education: Physical education is an integral part of school curriculum. School starts with physical exercises. Medical checkup is organized every year

Clubs: Different clubs like Eco-club, Science Club, Arts Club. IT  Club are formed in the school in connection with co-curricular activities that give every student a chance to empower his inner potentials.

Sports: Physical education is given due importance in the school. Football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, shuttle badminton, chess and other indoor games are promoted at different stages of schooling.

Cultural Activities / Competitions: On cultural side, students get an opportunity to bring out their inherent talents in elocution, public speaking, writing, narrating stories, versifications, drawings, paintings, music, singing, quizzing, debating, craft work etc.

Scouts and Guides: The school has a well-organized scouts and guides troop which helps the students grow to disciplined and responsible citizen with physical, intellectual, social and spiritual excellence.