Rules and Regulations


  • Assembly will be held every week.
  • All students are to attend the assembly in school uniform.
  • Reporting and departing from assembly should be orderly.
  • Students should follow the instructions of the teacher in charge.


  • Be present in the class 5minutes before the first bell.
  • Late comers will be not be admitted in the class, without a notice from Principal
  • Absence without valid reason will never be allowed
  • Students require minimum 80% attendance to be eligible for promotion

Leave rules

  • All Applications for leave are to be signed by parents/guardians.
  • Leave application on medial ground should be supported by authentic Medical certificate.
  • Student’s name will be removed from the roll, if absent for 15continous working days unless the leave is sanctioned in advance


  • Students must have the complete uniform exact in colour and pattern
  • Boys should neat tuck in their shirts always.
  • Personal hygiene and neat dressing should be strictly observed
  • Fashionable hair style and dress will never be permitted.
  • Costly ornaments and other valuable should not be worn by pupils in the school (the school will not be responsible for the loss of such things)


  • Students should always be gentle, polite, and well mannered.
  • Students must greet all staff members, elders, visitors showing due respect
  • Class room discipline must be maintained.
  • Eating is permitted during interval time only.
  • Waste baskets/ dustbins should be used for keeping the class rooms and school premises clean.


  • Students should speak only in English while in campus & school buses
  • Pupils must avoid loud talk, in and out of class and also chorus answers.
  • Use of offensive hurting language, abusive words etc will seriously be punished.

Interval time, play

  • No student is allowed to play during interval.
  • Good order and silence must be observed on the corridors.
  • Pupils should be present in the class before the next bell.

Code of conduct

  • Pupils are not allowed to enter other class rooms at any time.
  • Objectionable literature, video games, toys, valuables, mobiles, CD, USB etc. should not be brought to the school.
  • Students must report to the class teacher/Principal, if they have any sickness/bruise, any breakage, and any errant behaviour etc
  • No child, suffering from contagious or infectious diseases, will be allowed in the class.


  • Students should appear for all examinations
  • Using unfair means at the exam will be sufficient reason for serious disciplinary actions, including detention/dismissal of the students.
  • No re-exam will be conducted, to suit someone’s convenience.

At library

  • Silence and discipline should be always be maintained.
  • Follow the instruction of the librarian.
  • Handle books with care.
  • Reference books and periodicals can be referred only at the library.


  • Every pupils has right to bring complaints /grievances / problems to the principal.
  • It is to be clearly understood that group petitions, mass agitations etc. are against the school rules.
  • Head of the institution can suspend / dismiss students. Indulged in such activities.

Disciplinary actions

  • Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil will invite disciplinary actions.
  • Dishonesty, obscenity in words and deeds, irregular attendance habitual negligence in the school work, serious misconduct or threats even outside the school is sufficient reasons for disciplinary actions.
  • The Principal / Management has complete authority to dismiss/suspend a student or group of students if it is essential to do so in the best interest of the school.