About Us

Welcome to Modern International School

Modern International School came into being in April 2008, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia. The school is run by a group of enlightened educationalists, to serve value-based quality education for the expatriate community of Riyadh at an affordable cost.The school authorities strongly believe that education is meant not only for imparting knowledge, but for the overall development of the individual. This holistic view of he of the management about education, enables the students to meet the challenges in the fast advancing and progressing scenario of the world. It helps them grow as global citizens. We strive for excellence in all areas, whereby we could prepare the young generation to take up any responsibility in the future life, Here we provide ample opportunities for each and every student to flourish into a mature individual: physically sound, mentally mature, psychologically balanced, morally good and socially useful for the family and the society. The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, (CBSE) India. It is a unique package including all subjects and languages. The theological section (Madrassa) I the school is meant to help the students to develop Islamic culture and moral values. We plan and implement a variety of activities to make the schooling a pleasurable and a stress-free experience. It is our earnest request to all teachers and parents to provide unflinching support and wholehearted co-operation to the students for completing all the activities both at school and at home. Let’s work hand-in-hand for upbringing our kids in the best possible way and the institution to an ideal one among the other school in the city

Our education system will bring out a future generation, who are academically competent, emotionally balanced, physically fit and mentally strong. In short, we plan and execute whatever is necessary for the holistic development of our children.

Imparting Islamic education to our children is highly important. Islamic education of course has the highest objective, and more than that can hardly be imagined.

Students are divided into four houses, namely, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, Topaz with House Masters or Mistresses. The house system is the basis of all competitions in the school. This promotes team spirit, leadership quality and a healthy sense of competitions.